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2016--The 40th Year Anniversary of "Jazz Vol. 1"-- a set of 4 jazz prints first published in New Orleans and NEWLY published AND authorized by Meiersdorff Enterprises, part of the Leo Meiersdorff Estate. All images have been revitalized and sharpened, so the color and line work that Leo is known for... is BACK!  Each work is 11 x 14 inches, a slightly larger size, and printed on a beautifully textured 'felt-finish' paper that is complementary to his art. "Jazz Combo" is part of a set of 4 prints, embossed with a seal from Leo's Estate assuring buyers of its origin and authenticity, plus a short bio about Leo.


Please view our other listings if you would prefer to buy all 4 jazz prints as a set :)

Jazz Combo from ~40th Anniversary of Jazz Vol. 1

  • Size:  11 x 14 inches, print signed & dated 1976 with copyright to © Leo Meiersdorff.  Price:  $19.50 + $9.50 shipping.

  • No returns unless the item is not as described.

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