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Revitalized, resized and so whimsical! How many of you did you know that Leo loved to hang around chefs and kitchens worldwide and was considered to be a top gourmet-level 'chef' himself? Many of his original paintings blend the two creative disciplines of cooking and musicianship! This second volume of Leo's New Orleans' Four Culinary Jazz prints is now available. Each work is 12 x 16 inches, a much larger size, and printed on a beautifullly textured 'felt-finished' paper that is complementary to his art. Set of FOUR full-size prints, with cover sheet, embossed with a seal from Leo's Estate assuring buyers of its origin, and a short bio about Leo.

"Culinary Jazz Prints Vol. 2" Set of 4 INDIVIDUAL prints + COVER SHEET

  • Dimensions:  12 x 16 inches

    Embossed by the Leo Meiersdorff Estate

    Price is $173.00 for a set of 4 prints.   Priority shipping included with the price.

  • No returns unless the item is not as described.

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