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The year 1975.  By then, Leo was established as one of the premier jazz painters in New Orleans.  He already had garnered notoriety in New York and California from the early 60s up to this point, but the demand for his exciting artwork exploded in New Orleans.  In an interview for a local New Orleans' newspaper, Leo described a typical month in his French Quarter studio often painting up to 100 works--and selling them just as rapidly.  This particular work is from 1975 and is emblematic of the era--quick line work and a masterly control of color.  Precise free-flowing lines, full of movement!

"Brass Duo"

  • Dimensions:  13 x 19 inches

    Embossed by the Leo Meiersdorff Estate.

    Price is $80.00 + $15.90 USPS Priority Mail

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