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NOTE: All original pieces from our collection are to be purchased by check or bank wire. Not through the website.  Use the contact form and we'll be happy to discuss other pieces in the collection that are not featured here in this sampling.  Price ranges vary according to size and condition.  All of these works have never been displayed nor framed and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  

1.  "Ella in the Blue Room" - "Ella in the Blue Room" painted in 1980.  Elegant...26 x 40 inches  Painted on French Arches Paper.  $9000.

2.  "Jazz Jam 1 AM" - A master of painting in black and white tones in watercolor (and a bit of gouache), Leo created this masterpiece while living in the San Bernardino Mountains of California in 1981.  Truly a rare black & white--Dynamic!  26 x 40 inches on French Arches paper.  $8500.

3.  "Dizzy" - A gorgeous original watercolor of one of Leo's favorite musicians:  Dizzy Gillespie.   Leo met Dizzy early on in t
he late 50s and continued to embed and/or feature him in many of his paintings.  Painted on oversized watercolor paper, its dimensions are 26 x 40 inches.  $7000.

4.  "Lester Leaps In" - An original watercolor on oversized paper 26 x 40 inches.  The arrangement "Lester Leaps In" is a Jazz Standard featuri
ng Lester Young with the Count Basie Orchestra.  $6500.

5.  "West Coast Trumpet Player" - Lush in color and beautifully composed, Leo's trumpet player is entitled "San Francisco", signed and dated 1979.  Leo had just relocated his studio to the West Coast and one of his first exhibits was in San Francisco at Fisherman's Wharf.  15 x 20 inches, painted on watercolor board.  A watermark will not appear on the original artwork. (We have two other works of this one with different instruments--please inquire.)  $1500

6.  "Jam Session for Riviera in New York" - By the mid-sixties, Leo was living a bi-coastal life following jazz to the Hollywood clubs such as Shelley's Manne-Hole to the notorious Slugs, the Five Spot, and other clubs in the East Village.  Often low on funds, Leo used to walk great lengths to sell art to galleries in Greenwich Village and in Manhattan, followed by a drink and conversation in the notable pubs of the day!   22 x 14 inches on watercolor paper.  Rare 1964.  $2500.

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